On this page, you can find our policies. If you have any questions about them, please contact the board.

Cookie policy

We use a (functional) cookie to keep track of the items in your shopping cart. We do not use cookies that collect or store information that can (in)directly identify you.

Privacy policy

We store all data that you submit through payment forms on our website for legal purposes. We do not store personal information that we are legally not required to collect. Data is stored on our own server, and on the server of our payment provider, Mollie, and is not shared with any third party.

Refund policy

You may cancel a purchased show ticket by contacting the board. If you cancel more than 7 days in advance, we will fully reimburse your ticket price. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the show, we will offer you a voucher for one of our next shows. Canceling less than 24 hours before the show is not possible. We will not offer any compensation in that case.
We are unable to refund donations.

Donation policy

Donations are non-refundable. You will not receive a physical nor digital product in return for a donation. The minimum amount to donate is 1 (one) euro.
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